Here’s how some Manufacturers are Hiring Skilled Workers… and it’s Genius!

Let’s face it, there are ZERO qualified skilled manufacturing candidates sitting at home, fully available to apply to your company’s job opening. They don’t exist. Any good CNC machinist, maintenance tech, engineer, or other skilled worker has a job already (if they want one). In fact, over 2 MILLION skilled positions are going to go completely unfilled due to a lack of qualified people. Recruiters and staffing firms aren’t going to help either, the people they send you are the same ones that will apply to your job posting.


Even if there were people available, hiring someone new is a big risk. In an ideal world, it would be great to bring in an experienced candidate and try them out for a while. Maybe have them work part-time for a while to manage busy times while you review their work to see if it’s a good fit long-term?


Well, that’s exactly what some manufacturers like ITW, FC Lighting, Ask Power, Inc, and others are doing by using FactoryFix is the first platform that connects manufacturing companies to vetted skilled workers that are looking for part-time gigs, and potentially, better full-time opportunities.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are adopting the gig economy and borrowing skilled workers whenever they need an extra hand.


FC Lighting is a lighting manufacturer in St. Charles, IL. When their employee that was handling maintenance retired, they decided to outsource the work instead of hiring a new person. Maintenance companies were expensive and they only needed 6-10 hours of projects done per week. They decided to give FactoryFix a try and hired Fernando. Fernando has a full-time job as a maintenance tech at another company, but he uses FactoryFix to earn extra income whenever he can. He now goes into FC Lighting about every other week or so to complete their maintenance projects.


Lexco Cable is a wire rope assemblies manufacturer in Chicago. They had a Swiss CNC Lathe Operator suddenly quit on them without giving a two weeks notice. They had orders to fill and no one to step in on first shift and program the machine so they went to for help. FactoryFix sent Sean, an experienced Swiss CNC operator, who works on 2nd shift for a company about ten miles away. After coming in for a few weeks to help fill in the gap, Lexco made Sean a full-time job offer and he accepted. FactoryFix is a great way to “try out” experienced workers before making a full-time offer.

The FactoryFix website and mobile app make it easy to post a job request and hire interested skilled experts in the following positions:

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