About FactoryFix

FactoryFix is making it easier for companies of all sizes to compete. We’re changing the way companies get their projects done.

We help industrial companies of all sizes get their projects done by providing on-demand industrial automation services, repairs, and upgrades at the click of a button. Our platform takes the pain out of finding a qualified service provider for their unique needs. Our customers never have to worry about wasting time searching for a supplier again. FactoryFix provides factory-wide services at the click of a button.

Our Mission

We help industrial companies combat the impending skills gap in the manufacturing industry by providing on-demand resources for any project in their facility. From basic machinery repairs and maintenance to custom assembly automation, our platform matches the customer with local service providers whose expertise is perfect for their request. On the flip-side, we help small and medium-sized industrial service providers grow their businesses by connecting them to new customers with immediate projects.

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