5s Lean Manufacturing Audit Checklist!

5s Lean Manufacturing Audit Checklist!
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This 5s lean manufacturing audit checklist is useful for those who are looking for lean manufacturing best practices. This organizational tool keeps your workplace running efficiently, in a clean and safe manner. Need to increase productivity? This 5s lean manufacturing audit checklist increases productivity at a visual level converting lost time, money, and resources into increased utilization of machines and tools.

Why do you want this audit checklist?

  • Support your maintenance team!
  • The 5s lean manufacturing audit checklist will help your maintenance team(s) to maintain system requirements.
  • Help to maintain safety standards and ultimately the safety of your workforce.
  • Stay up-to-date regarding the placement of tools and accessories in working areas.
  • Increase overall productivity by taking action to correct non-compliance.

5s audit checklist targets needs include:

  • Scope of the audits, which can be zonal, department-wide, etc.
  • Frequency of the audit – the most accurate data collected happens over time
  • Include yours and others departments in the process
  • Outcome and resolution – check your results!

Note: (Before the 5s manufacturing audit checklist preparation, audit teams are consulting zones/sections coordinators in charges to preparing the planning for the audit checklist.)

Non-compliance: Closing the audit

The 5S manufacturing audit checklist should be properly documented along with its non-conformity. Reports must be maintained and action be taken to correct any and all forms of non-compliance. Take action appropriately and effectively according to the record during said audit. The auditee ought to submit all corrective/preventive actions to auditors. In case time period of the close non-compliance are not conducted or not submitted that follow-up of raised non-conformity are follow up by auditors along with reports provided to auditee for immediate actions, whether auditee should provide the information for the follow-up audits within non-complied areas, on satisfactions of auditors non-conformity is being closed.